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  • How long for delivery?
    Because this is a bespoke service and needs research. Please allow 35 days for delivery.
  • How large is the plaque?
    Plaques measure 26cms across and fit in most windows. Always measure your window to check its dimensions . We can reduce the size to 22cms min. No smaller, as this leaves very little room for the information.
  • The house is in Scotland, Ireland or Northern Ireland, can I have a plaque ? Yes , but due to the nature of these incomplete records , please use the contact form before purchasing a plaque.
    The England & Wales census records are searchable by address. Unfortunately Scotland records are incomplete, so your house may not be searchable.
  • Are they always round?
    Yes so they look like the traditional blue plaques.
  • How are they fixed?
    Simply clean the inside of your window and allow to dry thoroughly peel away the backing paper and apply the plaque to the window, wording facing the outside . In order to get the plaque level just press the top part to the window and check its straight before pressing down the rest. Use a soft cloth to do this. You can reposition a few times if you get it wrong. But be careful removing it as they are quite delicate.
  • Can I have multiple dates on my plaque?
    Yes you can have two dates on your plaque for example 1901 and 1939 at no extra cost.
  • Can I have more than one plaque?
    Yes you can have as many as you like . If the information is available.
  • In addition to my window plaque can I put my vinyl on an interior wall in a picture frame?
    Yes we can supply a second identical vinyl that you can stick onto the inside of the glass of a conventional picture frame and put white card behind it. This is the perfect solution for those who want a plaque displayed on their interior wall as well. Select Blue Plaque Package to receive two vinyl's. ( picture frame not provided )
  • Can I give as a gift?
    Yes absolutely. They make perfect gifts . We can send direct to you or to the person whose home is featured. A nice surprise.
  • I want to order a deep dive package. Do I have to have an illustration as well?
    Its entirely up to you . The illustration enhances the look and feel of the print , but if you wish, we can provide just the history for you to print out at home. In this case we will refund you the print cost of £225.
  • How long does the deep dive take?
    Because of the many hours of research and waiting for documents and information and then collating it all, you should allow at least 40 days from ordering to delivery.
  • Will the deep dive be framed?
    Framing is a very personal thing , therefore the deep dive print will be sent to you unframed.
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