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This service includes a blue plaque as standard.


Herebeforeus are always looking for new ways to give customers extra information on their home’s past occupants. The popular historical blue plaque window vinyl gives a wonderful glimpse into their lives but is only able to feature one or sometimes two former occupants.


Your Home. Past Lives is a new product, which enhances the blue plaque with a much deeper look into past occupants, what they did before and during their time in your home and, where possible, afterwards. Their children, achievements, contribution to wider society and more.


We have teamed up with historian, genealogist, writer, and former private investigator Debby Jones, whose expert knowledge enables us to give you a more comprehensive and detailed look into those who came before you.


What you will get:

The Ten hour Odyssey pack is an extremely thorough look at your home's past occupants. We will look at as many people as we can find who lived in your home. This is especially useful for those properties built between 1760 and 1860, which require more extensive research. A printable PDF/Word Document write-up is also included, along with the blue plaque as standard. 



Your Home. Past Lives - History Pack

  • If the delivery address and plaque details address are different please ensure the plaque address is accurate in the field above. We do not take responsibility for supply of inaccurate information. Please contact us with any questions.

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