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What is Here Before Us?

Historical Blue Plaques. Past Occupations
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You may have seen blue plaques on buildings marking famous previous residents. These include plaques on the former homes of Mozart, David Bowie and Jane Austen. At Here Before Us we produce individually customized blue plaques that commemorate the ordinary previous residents of your home - less celebrated, perhaps even forgotten, residents who may nonetheless have had interesting lives and occupations.


Our blue plaques will show the names, dates and occupations from historical records from 1881 -1939 (of one or more) of the people who lived in your home years before you. The service is for England and Wales. If however you live in Scotland, Ireland or Northern Ireland, please use the contact form to make contact . As these censuses are sadly far from complete, therefore the process may take much longer. 

It may have been home to a photographer, bath chair proprietor, sulphate maker, journalist, bucket maker, timber yard furnace stoker, cook, railway signalman, professional violinist, part time money lender or sugar boiler.

These vinyl plaques can be applied inside your front window to give visitors and passers-by a glimpse of the history of your home.

My house history with here before us

 Send us the address of your home or the property you want the plaque for. 

Here before you occupations

We then search through historical records from 1881-1939. 

Here before us past occupations

 Selecting one or more interesting former residents to feature on the plaque.

Here Before Us blue plaque gift

Makes the perfect gift, with free delivery

on all orders. 

Your Home. Past Lives.

Our Blue Plaque Package

Each blue plaque is produced on flexible vinyl and can be attached to the inside of a window visible to visitors and passers-by. The plaques are low-tac, repositionable and easily removable. 

How large is the plaque?

Plaques measure 26cms across and fit in most windows.

Please measure your window before ordering as we can make the vinyl smaller to fit your window. 

How are they fixed?

Simply clean your window and allow it to dry thoroughly, peel away the backing paper and apply the plaque to the window, wording facing the outside. In order to get the plaque level just press the top part to the window and check it's straight before pressing down the rest. Use a soft cloth to do this.

You can reposition a few times if you get it wrong. But be careful removing it.

If you also want to display your plaque on an interior wall we can provide a second copy, which can be mounted in a conventional picture frame  (not provided) with a white card backing. A nice addition to any room and a talking point for visitors.


Select Blue Plaque Package for two copies at a special price. 

Henry G Birch, Wine Merchant 5, Here before us blue plaques
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Order yours today!

Our deep
dive package

Your Home. Past Lives is a new product, which enhances the blue plaque with a much deeper look into past occupants, what they did before and during their time in your home and, where possible, afterwards. Their children, achievements, contribution to wider society and more.

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